What should I do first? Interactive Design

The fastest way to learn the basics of the schematic and layout editor is to complete the Interactive Design. Access the design from your Dashboard after signing in. It’ll take less than 10 minutes.

The design is interactive. We don’t just show you things – it makes you work on a real design with helpful guidance and hints along the way. This way you actually learn how to create a schematic and do layout in Upverter.

Afterwards you’ll be equipped to start working on your own awesome project!


I can’t find the Interactive Design option on my dashboard. Gone after update? Where else is a good place to start?

Hi Andrea,

Interactive Design tutorial is a good starting point to explore Upverter. If you want to read ‘how to’ kind of article you can get them here: https://forum.upverter.com/c/upverter-support

If you are looking for some video tutorials then these two will be very helpful:
Schematic editor and related topics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZbE-gGRtD4
Layout editor and related topics - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E44qD_H6Ftw

You can find the interactive design tutorial under your personal context. If you are in your team context you will not find this tutorial. You can read more about contexts here : Introducing: Contexts

Hope this helps. If you have any questions or encounter problems, message us on live chat or send us an e-mail at support@upverter.com and we are happy to assist you.

Your interactive design does seem to be listed on your dashboard, linking here: https://upverter.com/aShireDuke/a57c2c7d406c2c97/Interactive-Design/

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I have now found the interactive design, switching context was the trick. Thanks.