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General Discussion

This category is for discussion about electronics, hardware design, and Upverter in general.

HW News

This category is for news, press releases, product launches, etc. Consider it a reddit or hacker news but dedicated to hardware startups.


This category is for discussions about getting started in hardware. This is the place to discuss courses, books, online tutorials, development boards, meetups, etc.

Design Reviews

Post your designs here to get reviewed by experts in the community!


This category is for discussing components and parts. Recommend your favourite Wifi or bluetooth module, help the community find an accelerometer, or share your tips & tricks for working with a specific component.


This category is for everything to do with manufacturing. How to pick a vendor, how to quote, negotiation, reviews, etc.


This category is for job postings. If you are hiring electrical engineers, preferably to work at your startup - post here. Explain the location, duties, product, and approximate compensation.

Upverter Support

This category is for questions about the Upverter design tools, tips and tricks, feature requests, bug reports, etc. It's best to post your question here. But if you need private help, email us at support@upverter.com and we'll take care of you ASAP!