Problem with parts assignment


Since earlier today I haven’t been able to make new parts as the Assign Make Task from my dashboard is in 0… I know there are some other people with this issue as well… Do you know what seems to be the problem?
@le.yu @yashwanth



I don’t have any task to assign me either


This happens when you skip tasks without thinking much. You’ll have to be careful with skipping tasks. Don’t skip unless you cannot make them or running on a tight schedule.



yes, I’v seen many skips in the tasks left in the queue. Just be careful to skip tasks. @parts-specialists
Refresh you assign page now. @cscovino @GuillermoHerrera


Ok ok I didn´t know we had some sort of limitation regarding skips… I´ll be more careful. However, I am still unable to make new parts. The Assign Make Task is still in 0. @yashwanth @le.yu


Problem fixed. Thanks! @yashwanth @le.yu


Ok, I didn’t know that.


I’m having the same issue man, I didn’t know we would havve a problem with skips. However, I usually don’t skip parts, unless I had tried and I had found the part confusing or difficult, or if I’m on a hurry.


I’m still unable to do tasks


@yashwanth, My “Assign Make Task” is in 0. Sometimes, I do not skip any component, but the problem persists. This has made me unable to make components as I would like.


I am having the same problem @yashwanth . I get 0 tasks sometimes even when I do not skip parts.


Same here. I rarely skip any parts and the past few days I’ve had to wait around 30 minutes or more for the “Assign make task” button to be enabled again after I submit a part.


I am having the same problem. In 4 hours I only got one part. And I haven’t skipped once today.


Same problem here! only get a part when an old part is not verified… What happened with new ones?


@yashwanth @le.yu I am have the same problem, Can you please look on this.


same problem here , since yesterday


refresh the assign page, i can see many tasks in the queue.


Still my Task is 0


Problem fixed.


@le.yu hello, I have this problem. My task is 0.