Pour issue with newly updated upverter

Hi Upverter,
I found that you have updated the design environment last week.
I also found pours in my half done layout stopped working mostly.

After a few tests, it appears to me, those ticked “island removal” checkboxes stop pours from working.
Any reason for that?

Also, it appears to me that overlapping pours with different nets are poured overlapped, literally.
I’m not sure if it supposed to be like that, and the “order” parameter in the pour setting appears inactive.
Could anybody explain that?

Thanks a lot.

Hi Wade

Could you please provide the design ID or create a simple design that demonstrates the problems.


Hi Matt,
Thanks for looking into it.

Thanks Wade - we are looking into the issue and will report back once we have more information.

If it helps, this is affecting me as well in bc1c20aaeda773da.

I have two pours and the second is swamping the first even though the pour order is correctly specified.

Thanks - we are currently investigating both designs and will reply back soon.

I can confirm the issue which I also experience.

Hi Mads - could you please provide the project link (or a cut down version of the project) and some more details of the specific issues you are seeing with Polygon Pour to make sure we are addressing the same issues.


I’m seeing this after the update too. A simple board which poured correctly, the GND pour avoiding the signal, power, pours etc. because it had pour order 1 vs pour order 0 on the signal pours, is now completely broken! I will email support@upverter.com with details - somewhat catastrophic bug this one, chaps!

I’ve put together the simplest possible reproducer for this and made it public: two pours on the top layer, one a 50x50 rectangle connected to GND with pour order 1, another a 20x20 rectangle connected to VCC on top of it with pour order 0. They collide instead of avoiding one another:


Two further unrelated bugs you can see in the same trivial page:

  1. Two design violations for holes that aren’t present any more in the design, with no obvious way to get rid of them. (Edit: these have mysteriously disappeared after I closed the browser and reopened the project. Problem with editor state updates rather than something stored in the design itself by the look of things.)

  2. Go into the inspector for one of the rectangular pours. Under the edit points tab, you’ll see exact coordinates, say (0, 0) → (50, 0) → (50, 50) → (0, 50). Under the generate rectangle tab, you’ll see incorrect dimensions, say 50.250002 x 50.250002. If you accidentally save or regenerate pour with that generate rectangle tab open, you’ll corrupt the vertex coordinates of the pour to match the incorrect rectangle dimensions. Unfortunately, for a rectangular pour, it always defaults to that tab, so you have to be super careful to change away from it every time to avoid your pour being corrupted.

Neither of these are as disastrous as completely breaking pour avoidance though!

And one more…

  1. Turn on island removal. Pour no longer happens at all. You can see this on a board with just the single rectangular pour. Once island removal is enabled, pour comes out as a dark blue rectangle, but I think that’s showing that it isn’t poured at all, because the constraint violations show that the GND pour isn’t poured.

hi matt this is @Naren

Thanks Chris for the example project and detailed descriptions. Appears to be the same issues that we are currently investigating and expect to have a fix soon.


A status update. We are currently testing the fix for the polygon pour issues - so far the different reported issues appear to be related and will be addressed with this fix. We expect to have our testing completed overnight and assuming all goes well will release an update tomorrow. Thanks again for your detailed feedback and patience while we work through this issue.

How did you test going?
I’ve not been able to “open any design in editor” since yesterday evening.

Looking forward to see the update.

We just released a new update which should solve most of the pouring issues.

It looks like this update fixes the problem with pours on top of one another colliding, but the other bugs I described above still exist. Two ab initio recipes to demonstrate:

(a) Create a new project with a single rectangular pour. This pour fills correctly. Now turn on island removal and repour. The pour will fail.

(b) Create a new project with a single rectangular pour of size 50mm x 50mm. Open up the inspector. For a rectangular pour, the Generate Rectangle tab is selected by default, instead of the Edit Points tab. The width and height given here are incorrect: 0.250002mm has been added to each. Saving without flipping into the Edit Points tab will update the pour to use this incorrect size, corrupting the point locations.

The upshot of (b) is that you have to be super-careful to flip out of Generate Rectangle into Edit Points whenever you inspect a pour, even if you’re not changing the coordinates themselves, or you will inadvertently mess up your pour — trivial bug but inevitably infuriating if you didn’t notice and continued to make edits before realising.

The issues you describing are known. We’ll deploy a fix withing a few days.
Thanks for you patience!

Thanks. Neither of these are at all serious compared to the non-avoidance bug, but I just wanted to make sure you knew about them!

Hi nalivaiko,
Glad to know you have released a new update.
However it has been almost two days already since I was not being able to access my project.
The design ID is df7037d9c7d0f0f7
Could you look into it please, it’s kind of urgent.