Managing libraries

It seems like the personal part library system was recently changed. Where can I manage which parts are in which libraries?

For instance, I have one part I would like to move into a separate library.

Hey Colin,

Great question! We’ll be publishing some detailed help content on this shortly.

But for now, the gist is that you now have one, single, personal library. And you also have access to the Upverter central database. As you find parts in the central databas that you want to use, you can manually add them to your personal library. If you add parts to your schematic, they will automatically get added to your personal library.

If you previously had multiple personal libraries, you can still access them in the editor through the Add Component dialog --> My Libraries. Soon all parts in those libraries will be migrated into your single personal library.

We’ll also be introducing a method, like tags, to segment parts in your single, personal library.

This change in organization of libraries makes management simpler and clearer to the user. It allows you to make personal edits to parts (like changing the style of a schematic symbol) without affecting the central database. We monitor all the edits and allow true corrections to the symbol/footprint to propagate through to the central database.

Please let me know what other questions you have and we’ll sort it out right away.


So I used to have a library called “Robocup”, and now I am working on a different project, to which I have added a part called “NXP Semiconductor BT139-600,127”. I’m trying to import that into my schematic, but it doesn’t show up in the “My Library” tab, presumably because it isn’t in library.Robocup… I can’t scroll or anything. Is there any way to make it show up?

Hey there,

That NXP part will show up in the search results under “All Parts”. You can add it to your schematic from there.

For now, the “My Library” tab still shows the old, personal libraries you used to have (including your Robocup library), and I realize that’s confusing. Today we migrated parts from users’ old libraries into their new, single, private library. You can verify this by looking at your library from your Dashboard.
Shortly this “My Library” tab in the Add Component dialog will actually display the parts in your private library, as you expect. Once we fix that, your interaction with your library should be simple and straight forward.

You can read more about your new private library here: