I want to completely fork a component


I want to completely fork a component- not just copy its symbol and footprint. Similar to this post How to import from Octopart?, but this is specifically related to forking, not the octopart import. The discussion has a good use case on reorganizing pins on the schematic symbol to better fit the style of a schematic. That should be easier than it is. And I do want to bring along the other attributes because I want it to be the same part, just tweaked for my needs.

For example, the TI DRV8833PWP is a great part, and Upverter has a verified component of it! However, the verified component doesn’t meet the specs of my board manufacturer’s DFM (Seeed Fusion), but only in trivial ways. Specifically the silkscreen and annular rings.

The silkscreened pin 1 dot needs to be 0.5mm instead of 0.25mm for Seeed’s silk screen to reliably print and the text needs to be 1.5mm font instead of 1mm font.

The annular rings need to be at least 8 mil (Seeed claims 6 mil, but I’ve had issues at 6 mil and never had issues at 8 mil- but hey, they are $4.99 for 10 boards!). I get that the annular rings are a moot point on this part because they are covered by the PPAD ground pad, but I’d like to fix the warnings instead of ignoring them.

Also, for the schematic symbol of the DRV8833PWP I want to rearrange the order of the pins on the symbol to better fit my schematic grouping.

I essentially want to fork the verified part and all its attributes (instead of editing it in place- which is frowned upon since it’s verified) so that I can make my custom tweaks. Currently the feature to copy the symbol and footprint (without attributes) is a start but takes way more work than I want since I only need to fix a few small things.

Any chance this is in the feature backlog?


Hmm… I got the impression that if you edit a verified part, it essentially makes a fork of the part in your library. Am I doing it wrong?



Rixon is correct. You would edit the verified part. This will create a local version in your library. Hope that answers your question?