Failed to generate pour shapes

Cannot generate the ground layer pour, it says “failed to generate pour shapes”. Please help!

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Yeah, I ran into this few times myself. In my case it has to do with arcs. I had to make the arc just a tiny amount bigger, like 0.0001mil. In a few occasions my vertices were defined in mm by UpV converted them to mil!!!. There are bugs in the pour routines in UpV. Delete the pour layer and redo it, sometimes this works.

I had to make sure my pour layer was inside the board outline. May seem obvious to some, but in other EDA’s you can create the pour later to include the outline of the board and the system figures out what to do.

Here nothing is working… inside outside/ delete recreate/ internal layers or not/ add +0.001 or not/ no arc… several projects the same… please help! thank you

Please Upverter Team, can you fix that quickly, impossible to output any design for more than a week now. thank you for your support

Fixed! thank you