Can't order concierge parts & can't edit profile pagee

When attempting to order concierge part, get error “Error submitting request: Internal server error” (click purchase part on screen after
entering part number and url). I haven’t ordered parts in a while, and have zero credit, so when attempted to edit profile (I assume this is where credit card info is stored), got a similar error.
Neither Firefox nor Safari works.

Emailed support several days ago about the issue, but didn’t get any response.

I’m having similar trouble. I tried adding credit to my account by adding a credit card. I wasn’t able to add the card and received an error that the merchant’s (upverter) account is disabled or closed. I also sent an email to support and have received no reply.

@keith-lee-gstix So is the concierge just not a thing anymore? No one is able to use it currently, no one is able to add a CC to get parts made. What exactly is going on here?

The concierge is active. The problem appears to be with the payment system. I will look into it and let the dev team know.

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Hi, I am having the same problem.

The developers and admins are actively working to resolve the issue with the CC submission page. I will post a reply when it is fixed.

Same issue here, was this ever fixed?

Hi Grant,
The reason the CC submission page is because, as I said here, EEConsierge is now a service of Octopart, so there is no longer any need for payment method within the Upverter tool.
I also mentioned that certain front-end changes, such as removal the CC page, are being triaged below many important back-end changes.
Sorry for the inconvenience.