Is upverter dead?


I have been trying to get a part made, posting several days ago that I continue to receive an error message indicating an ‘internal server error’.

After receiving no response for several days, I contacted Altium support.

Michael M. told me (part of the online chat conversation):

  • I was able to confirm that upverter is not supported. I will see if there was any additional information regarding this and if anything official was sent out then I can send it to you.
    Just to clarify the support for upverter is on the forum and the product is not dead itself. Altium no longer covers for support. But you can also use eeconcierge if your forum is not getting action.

Note that eeconcierge doesn’t seem to know anything about making parts for upverter, so I’m essentially dead in the water.

Thoughts? Rebuttals?

Hi Bill,
Not to worry, Upverter is in active development and maintenance. The concierge part request is a feature that, due to the restructuring of the back-end post-Altium-acquisition, was relegated to Octopart. The old UI elements remain for reasons of priority management. parts created by can be found as verified components in the upverter library.

Changes regarding the part request interface in Upverter will be made in the very near future. For now, please use to request new parts. These parts will be made available in upverter when they are complete.



Thanks Keith,

I appreciate the swift and complete response. It would be wise to do a bit of education with the Altium support folks as well since frustrated folks (like me) reach out to the mother ship when support on the forum isn’t cutting it.

So if we see a part in Octopart already, how do we get that into Upverter? For example, the Raytac 52833 module (MDBT50Q-512K) is in Octopart, but there is no upverter part for it.

I had several other colleagues with projects who were likewise concerned and will forward your note to them as well.

Thank you,


And a particular example. This connector exists in Octopart, but when I click on the Upverter link I get page not found (the part is not in the Upverter library):