Wrong Gerber output

When exporting a Gerber, component LNK3204D-TL footprints appear on the top side even though the component has been placed on the bottom layer of the PCB.


Could you share the design ID you’re seeing this happen in? It’ll make it easier to make sure I’m debugging the same issue you’re seeing.



The design ID is 45f7f6a4a6932481

Thank you

Thanks for sharing the design ID. I was able to find the issue. A hot fix should be going out shortly.

Those are great news. Could you please let me know when this is fixed? The PCB is for a client and they require it ASAP.

Thanks a lot.

I’ve had this issue as well in the past. Sometimes just re-downloading helps but a consistent export would be greatly appreciated.

I’m having the same issue today, following the hot fix, with a number of parts. As far as I can tell, it is only the pad stacks for unverified parts that are being forced onto the front side in the output, but it isn’t ALL unverified parts. Silkscreen for those part are showing on the correct side of the board, but a lot of the labels are in the wrong place.

The design I’m working on is ID 2f7132ff9f9e39a7. Some specific parts that are exporting on the wrong side of the board:

  • All resistors (using a single generic footprint, private part)
  • All capacitors (using a single generic footprint, private part)
  • Crystal Y1 (public part)
  • Battery holder BT1 exhibits the same behavior if the whole board is flipped over.

Note that LED D1 is also unverified, but it is showing up in the correct location.

Thanks for your help with this.

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I would like to report this issue too.

The design ID is e97602d849bebf71.
I tried forking, it did not solve the problem. I tried re-uploading the json file, the server refused it.

It was first happening on my conductors (forked from other components, to add a variant).
Then when I modified another capacitor (the 47uF, also a custom variant), those stared to exhibit the same bug after I updated the component.

I did not manage to solve the problem by changing the footprint.

Thank you,


It seems that it was fixed today.

Thanks a lot ! :smiley: