Wiring Diagrams

Hey All,
I have used Upverter in the past to make a board. It is a great platform. My current project is a wiring diagram for the house power for my camper van conversion. Is Upverter a good tool for doing larger projects connecting multiple components, or should I try something else (mac / ipad preferred)? I tried using Upverter, but I had to make custom components every step of the way.


Are you using the “System” tab? This is a great, under-used feature that allows you to do high-level diagrams of your project before getting started on schematic capture. It might be the sort of thing you’re looking for to get started. What kind of components are you creating?

I haven’t seen the System tab before. This is almost exactly what I need. The components I need to make are…

Car Batteries - Two Terminals on the same side
3 Position Switch - One input 3 outs
Inverter A - 2 Ins AC / 2 Outs DC
Inverter B - 2 Ins DC / 2 Outs AC / 1 In remote signal
Fuse box with lots of ins and outs
Power rails 6 and 6 position

Simple things like that.