Whole net selection

sorry if there’s a way to do this already, but can you add a way (in both pcb and schematic editors) to select whole nets and contiguously connected subnets?


When you say whole nets and contiguously connected subnets i’m assuming you would like to select only particular nets at the same time. Correct me if i’m wrong.
In general, there is a way to select whole nets both in schematic and layout editors. You can use the filters option for this.
This allows you to select the schematic/layout elements (symbols, flags, nets, etc…) that you specifically want. By checking them you are only selecting those. After you have checked the required elements, you can use the ‘Select’ tool to drag along a specific section of schematic/layout to select the required elements all at once.

Apart from this, you can also select multiple segments of a net by using “SHIFT” and mouse click. Another way is to search for the net by its name in the ‘search’ field from right side toolbar and then selecting the net from netlist will select all the segments pertaining to that particular net.

Hope this helps.


this achieves the result i’m looking for. but i was hoping for a more immediate way of doing this.

for example, something like

  1. some additional modifier like Alt for indicating net selection with Alt-hover net hilighting. ctrl-alt for contiguous subnet selection/hover. shift-alt/shift-ctrl-alt for toggling net/subnet selection/hover, or
  2. maybe double-click (with shift modifier for toggle), on a trace segment to select all contiguously connected segments at that point, or
  3. after a segment (or multiple segments) has been selected, some keypress expands the segment selection to include all segments contiguously connected to the current selection.