Where did the manual go?

For last few days, when I click the “manual” link at bottom of schematic editor, I get a “file not found” from google docs instead of the manual.

I’ll try again… Simon Says “where did the manual go?”

The link to user manual in lower left of schematic editor now says the file has been deleted. Is there another way to access a user manual?


well its about six months in the future from your present day, and that shits still nowhere to be found anywhere. theyre telling us they wouldnt recommend using upverter at all anymore as there is no longer support for it.

it really bites my ballsac like a rabid bunch of wild piranha drunk on the 'nad juice of a hundred alcoholics and looking for some beefy jerky….after we all came and used upverter and recommended it to our friends. Or at least we told it 10 out of 10 stars we were recommending it to our friends all the time. thanks for boner-jabbin’ us all in the back, ButtSquirter!