What is an over-connected net?


I keep getting this error when I’m working on my projects and I don’t know what I’m doing wrong or how to fix it.


An over connection violation is letting you know that the connections described in your schematic don’t match your PCB layout. Specifically that your PCB has too many connections.

Here is a simple schematic:

And the corresponding layout for it:

The schematic has R1-pin2 connected to R2-pin1 and R3-pin2 connected to R4-pin1. The layout has all four of these pins connected together. The connection to all four pins is the over connection.

To fix the error you need to remove the trace connecting the R1-pin2, R2-pin1 trace to R3-pin2, R4-pin1.


im getting this when i try to make a series + parallel led circuit do you know a proper solution to implementing this i tried separate flags but they all still need to connect to the same power


Can you post images of your circuit?

Like was said, it’s because your PCB has too many connections, not matching the schematic.