VR Prefix for variable resistors

Hi, I was trying to make a part for ’ 67YR10KLF ’ which is a variable resistor.
However I can’t select the prefix VR from the dropdown PREFIX menu in the attribute manager.
I don’t see why as when I search for variable resistors that are already in the library some have the VR prefix.

Hi Hreggviður,

We rechecked several resistors, about a score of various resistors but did not find the prefix VR in the drop-down PREFIX menu in the attribute manager. Are you sure that the prefix VR should be in the resistor attributes? Or maybe you can show the part (resistor) with such prefix?

The correct prefix for a variable resistor (such as a potentiometer) is VR according to wikipedia.
Here are some components on upverter which correctly have this prefix

Now see, thak you so much. We will take care about this issue.