Upverter was Down


I have encounter the problem with upverter very offen that when i am trying to Login into the dahboard it does not allow me to login and latter just show the error or time out.

After few weeks it get automatically resolve this issue. May i know why this is happening ?

Since i have most of my work in Upverter and if it down i have to wait until this rsolve and it’s delayed my projects.

So i need reason for this issue to decide whether i need to continue with Upverter in future or do i need to migrate all my design to other more stable tool.


Support people at Altium notified me in a 22 October 2023 e-mail that Altium no longer supports Upverter.

There are many parts that I have created in UpVerter - almost all the connectors I use, and then maybe a dozen other parts - not to mention the PCBs. I will be trying to salvage the parts I created. Beyond that, it apparently is time to move on.