Unroute all selected traces/all traces on board

I recently made major modifications to a circuit (one of the biggest being the main microcontroller changed) and I’d like to undo any nets that aren’t fully connected (or even unroute the whole board).

Does any functionality like this exist? If not what is the best way to proceed?

Here’s an example of what I’m dealing with:

Don’t know if this will help exactly with what you want but under the selection filters you can uncheck everything except “traces”. Then you should be able do a mass selection and all your traces will be selected where you can then simply delete them.

Again not sure if that’s what you’re looking for. I’m not sure I understand what you mean by undo any nets that aren’t fully connected. Do you mean delete the traces for which the rats nest has only been partially been routed?

Another strategy is using the “e” command/keystroke to progressively select more and more of the trace. Doesn’t traverse vias I don’t think nor does it traverse serpentine traces.


Thanks @ekeyser! That’s exactly what I ended up doing :slight_smile:

To add some specifics to this post …

  1. do as ekeyser suggests. To repeat with more detail … go to the PCB. On the PCB screen (near the top and near the left side) find and then click on “filters.” In the pop-up menu that comes up, uncheck everything except traces so that only traces has a check mark by it.
  2. Adjust your Zoom so you can get the entire PCB in the computer screen. Then using the mouse, put a box around the entire PCB and hit enter. This will select all the traces (and nothing else b/c of what was done in Step 1)
  3. Then click on the Trash Can icon. All the traces should then disappear.
  4. Go back to the filter and put checks by all the items again so they can be selected.
  5. Done, go get a cup of coffee.

There is also a way to do selective rip-up.

  1. Make sure you have no layer selected. This can be done by pressing the number key that corresponds to the current active layer
    • for example, if the active layer is “top copper”, hit 1 and no layer is active.
    • You could also click on the active (highlighted) layer in the “Layers” pane
  2. Next, from the “net list” pane, select the net whose traces you would like to delete.
    • This should select all traces on all layers, since there is no active layer
  3. Click on the trash bin or hit the Del key.

This process will delete all nets and all vias assigned to that net, leaving all others untouched.
Thanks @cloudwatcher for revisiting this one.