Understading XYRS file


Hi, I am trying to understand the XYRS generated file. My layout dimension is 6 by 40 mm and the 0,0 point is on the top left corner of the board. In the XYRS file, the parts X location are between 118 and 122 and the Y location are between -118 and -1038. I am trying to understand what these unit mean?

Ok that’s fine these unit are Mils, I just got it when I typed my question.

Since other people might have the same interrogation, I guess I could still publish the topic. Anyway now I just have to search where to switch the layout view from mm to Mil. That is because PCBWay who is making my assembly want to know the coordinates of the Pad 1 of my components.


Thanks for posting.

To change you view it is in the bottom right of the screen where it says “Grid:0.025mm”. if you click on that you can change it to Mil.

Hope this helps, and let me know if you have any other questions.