Trying to get support

I’ve called the phone numbers, e-mailed support, messaged the facebook page, even followed the link to the Zak’s personal page and e-mailed there (kicked back) but have received no response.

Is Upverter still an active business or is the website just on autopilot?

Officially I don’t know either.
BUT, I can say, support here on the forums is non-existent. Just look at the lack of responses from anyone at Upverter regarding bugs, support, improvements etc. So I’m not really surprised you’ve received no reply.

Hi @alan.carlson and @RobertLengyel
I am aware that Upverter support has been quiet for some time, but I have taken on the task of monitoring this forum actively. The company was acquired by Altium a year ago and has been integrating the platform into its ecosystem. I am a software and applications engineer for Altium’s advanced modular design divison and will be providing as much support to the Upverter community as time allows.

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Hi Keith-Lee-gstix,

If you are still here … I think we all would appreciate at minimum a post from Altium in these Upverter forums stating the status of Upverter. Is it being transitioned out? Is it being supported? Is a new release coming out? Is it already dead, except people can still access their designs that are already in Upverter? Or what.

I have a new PCB project (two of them actually), where I am working with a collaborator, and I am trying to make a decision on what PCB program to use. Should I use KiCad, CircuitMaker (Altium), DesignSpark, or some other program. Or continue using Upverter.

I would like to use Upverter because I created connectors and other parts in Upverter that are agreeable to what I am doing with them. Upverter would be my first choice. However, there are some things that do not work in Upverter.

              - Scott

Keith-Lee-gstix, based on his Facebook page, no longer works for gumstix, which was apparently providing support for Altium’s UpVerter. He moved to a new job a couple years ago.

In addition, support people at Altium notified me in a 22 October 2023 e-mail that Altium no longer supports Upverter.