Try now in Editor: Bidirectional sync between schematic and layout

Upverter’s Schematic Capture and Layout editors are always working together. Changes you make in one editor are instantly synced with the other. No more complicated translation process from schematic to layout.

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Anandh, I might not be understanding this correctly, but I see one problematic thing with upverter: if you delete a component in the layout, the deletion is not reflected in the schematic. This has caused me trouble at one point, when I had inadvertently deleted a small component along with a trace in the layout editor, which messed up my design (corrected before production, fortunately)

Hey Gavrilo, good question! Deletions in the schematic will be reflected in the layout, but not the other way around as you’ve noted. It shouldn’t be problematic because the “Unplaced footprint” design rule violation will get triggered to warn you of the missing component on the layout, so it shouldn’t be a problem as long as you’re watching your real-time design rules.

Let me know if that helps or if I can clarify further!


since this relates,
i have forked a design in which I needed to work off of the schematic but completely restart the layout.
i have deleted some of the footprints from the layout, and have triggered that unplaced fooprint error. But is there any way to re-place the footprints from the schematic side? or regererate footprints? if not this feature would be amazingly helpful… Also how should I work around this for now?