Tool crashes when inspecting a module that has updates


Hey Upverter,
I have updated a module I am using in a design. When I inspect the module in schematic view no update is offered, and the tool crashes. Design ID 9d42a60c5ebf7242.

And while I am at it. Can you please save the position of the module? Every time I update a module the position is reset, which really makes me not want to edit modules/edit them as little as possible, instead of as often as necessary.



Thanks for including the design ID. I’ll take a look and see if I can figure out why it’s crashing.

Are you seeing the symbol or the layout aspects shift when you’re updating the module? We try to maintain the position of both when applying an update (like you mention it’s painful to need to re-position things). If you have any screenshots that you could email me that would be helpful.



Hey Stephen,
As far as I can tell, all the modules position shifts to the same position, which is not the position it was when before updating the parts.
But as of now, the tool still crashes, so it is impossible to make screenshots.

Edit: another suggestion regarding the silkscreen. While it makes perfect sense to have a M#: prefix in the silkscreen, a.) placing the silkscreen without seeing the M#: prefix in the module editor makes it very hard to correctly place the silkscreen, and b.) it would be extremely helpful to be able to edit the silkscreen for each module placement, without ungrouping the whole module. Altough I understand this is more complicated to pull of architecturally.
It would be great if you could fix the primary issue soon so I can continue working on this part of the design.


Hey Stephen,
any news on my problem? It’s been a few days and I have not heard anything …


Dear upverter. I would really appreciate an update on my case.


I’ve found the crashes in the logs and I’m working on a fix. I’ll try and put together a work around in the mean time so that you can continue working until the full fix gets deployed.



Thanks Stephen!
Any estimate on how long this may take?
thank you very much!


After waiting for a fix for more than a week it dawned on me I should probably just delete the modules and insert them again and it worked.

I know I am using your software without paying, but still I have to admit after having another design break (fail to establish server id for the x time) which I wanted to actually finish and cut tonight as I wont have time to do it for 3 weeks after tonight, I feel forced to look at other software. Upverter has worked well for me for a long time, but in the past few weeks I feel like I have been waiting for fixes longer than I actually got to use the software :frowning: I’m just glad I don’t do commercial projects so there was no actual damage done.

If you find any way please let me know when you get the software stable again, I really like Upverter when it works, however recently it did not on too many occasions. Thank you for your hard work, I look forward to a possible future return.