"The Upverter Universal Format Converter"

Hi all,

I was researching Upverter, and given the diverse group I work and interact with, I was excited to see there was a project on GitHub that was started by Upverter ages ago. Sadly, despite a number of forks, I can’t find any commits newer than 5 years old. A quick dig through GitHub turned up these:

They all have the same boilerplate warning:
WARNING: Upverter is in the process of overhauling our UPV format to a new version. We don’t expect to maintain the current version, however we look forward to sharing our new version with you when it’s ready to go!

Where do things stand with this? Is anyone maintaining this, or was this project nuked when Altium bought Upverter?


I found this by a roundabout means, after posting:
It did not turn up in my forum search results, I’m guessing because it was unlisted. Why?