The future of Upverter

Can someone from Upverter or Altium speak up about the future? Are you closing down this site or what? No response in months, no updates, just silence. It’s not ok to not say anything! If we know we can move on. For god’s sake say something!


I just found out about Upverter a few weeks ago. If you visit the Altium website and consider evaluating Altium Designer, you get asked what you plan to do with the tool. If you say it’s for a personal project, you get a recommendation to use Upverter instead of Altium Designer. So at least it’s still promoted on their main site. It was surprising to see that the Concierge didn’t really work and that the blog is broken, though. For the blog, you need to use the Google Cache, unfortunately…
So any official statement would be great.

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Thank you for your continued interest in Upverter!

All of us at Altium are excited to be working on support for Edge AI, Robotics and IOT projects with added components as well as ongoing interface improvements.

We are proud to have a vibrant community to support into the future and we hope that you will be along for the journey!

We have been working to integrate the Upverter platform into the Altium family and will be making big announcements for further integrations soon.

We appreciate your continued support and patience as we continue to build this free service.

Please reply directly if there is anything you would like to see in the future within Upverter or if you have any general feedback about the app?

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I will be actively monitoring the forums and I hope to help you get your questions and concerns addressed. I will be reviewing existing posts, but if there are stale and outstanding threads that have not been addressed, feel free to @ me in a new reply so that I can get to them sooner.
Our hope and my goal is to revitalize the Upverter community and provide you, its users, with resources and support to help you make the best of the tool.

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how specifically is it bieng “integrated??” are we going to NEED TO BUY YOUR PRODUCTS?

I’m so glad that someone finally is answering!

Upverter is far to good to die! This is the only cross platform tool Altium have isn’t it? Of course Upverter should be integrated with the rest of Altium products, as long as it’s free.

I can tell you that it is freaking awesome that you can fire up Upverter, in ANY browser, and start fiddling around when you have five minutes over. No installation, no updating, no hassle!

My personal wishlist:

  • Sheet support instead of one big canvas
  • Better import and export possibilities
  • Better support for organizing projects

Keep up the good work and try to be a little more transparent to the community.

Now I finally dare to finishing up my smart watch and business card projects.

/ Best wishes from Sweden

@Bs12129376 Definitely not. Upverter is still a free service and will remain so. By integrated, I mean that upverter is a great match with more services than just Octopart so it’s getting its hands into more cookie jars. As Stewart said, we’ll be making announcements shortly.

I just checked the forum for exactly this after having abandoned upverter months ago, because there was no reply on support, features kept breaking and were not fixed in months. I’ve tried sending ping messages to and never got any kind of reply. At the sametime I was planning to design more PCBs so I really had to move on, and I was really sad, maybe even a bit angry on Altium for this move.

I have found “a new home” in the meanwhile, but I’m still relieved that this has at least been posted! Really just felt I want to let you know.

@lienbacher If I may ask, what tool have you transitioned to? As I am the primary contributor for content at, I’m interested to hear about how your experiences with Upverter have helped or hindered you as you move to a new tool.
the Upverter education program is an initiative to facilitate electronics design education for grade school students. I/we think that this platform is ideal for this kind of environment for a few reasons:

  • it’s free to use
  • the decreased complexity vs. enterprize tools is less intimidating
  • it’s easier to collaborate with teachers and classmates
  • it’s browser based

So understanding how experienced users relate their upverter experiences to other ecad platforms is a big deal for me.

Thanks in advance!

I went for kicad. Why? It is open source and developed by a healthy community and very unlikely to be aquired by a company that offers an unafordable product and ceases developement without notice. I’m sorry, but this has been quite a red flag for me. I’m glad you are around now to bring things to the better, but that move and complete lack of communication will keep me from any altium products for a while. Everybody was celebrating the Altium aquisition, big words were spoken. And then we were left with a broken product and no communication. Sorry, clear red flag. An honest apology by the ceo himself along with a commitment statement might change my mind, but we all know that’s unlikely to happen.

I really, really liked and appreciated upverter for exactly the reasons you stated. I left because I felt like I could loose all my work by the flick of a switch, and that switch was very likely to be pushed any time. You get my point. I’m sure there’s many who feel alike but don’t bother to put it in here. I’m actually wondering why I am typing this myself. Oh wait! Because upverter indeed is a great product! That unfortunately earned itself a red flag :frowning:

To help you out with my actual questions: My upverter experience sure helped, because it uses rather similar tools and the stuff you want to do is done in similar fashions as in kicad. In terms of UI I feel upverter is definitely ahead and it’s easier to learn (not that kicad is hard to learn, Eagle is). Also the integrated libraries are great and offer lots of flexibility, kicad libraries work ok, but you still need to actively manage your libraries when you want to open your stuff on a different system.

Sorry that this is mostly a rant, but I am still deeply disappointed about how this went down.

Thank you so much. Your feedback is appreciated.

There is no need to apologize for your disappointment or opinion. I think I speak for everyone involved in Upverter when I say, I am sorry that we were not able to provide the support you needed to have confidence in the stability and longevity of the Upverter tool and I hope that, in time, we can earn some of that back. Whenever you may need the benefits that Upverter has to offer, it will be here, better than ever.

I wish you the best of luck.

I am glad to see you active here since few months. Communication from Upverter has been lacking since the acquisition. Good job on the education website, I will investigate it further, I have a bunch of people without EE background to train. :slight_smile:

I personally moved back all my projects on Altium Designer. I used to use Upverter for simpler and collaborative projects with my team. However, the fact that Upverter suddenly breaks and projects are not accessible for 6 months is a huge deal breaker, for everyone.
Even if Upverter was reactive on those, a loss of service of 12H just because of an update is just unacceptable and nobody will stay after the third time.

I understand that Upverter is a cloud service, and you are maintaining only one live version. However this is such a huge problem that you should consider letting old version live for few years, and allowing the project managers to select which version of Upverter is handling this particular project.
Being able to select the software version is a very common feature among CAD software, such as AD. This would solve most of the trust issues we have with Upverter, where we see stuff breaking again and again and making our work inaccessible.

I will keep monitoring Upverter’s forum, and I hope to see it being more usable in the future.
IMHO, Upverter has the best potential among all free EDA software, and it is heartbreaking to see it being abandoned. I wish Altium realize it’s potential and allocate the resources to give Upverter the place it deserves.

Best wishes,

Upgrades causing a loss of service is a serious issue. The development team is working hard to deploy updates as non-intrusively as possible. I myself have only been an upverter user for these past 6 months and have yet to experience any disruptions.

I cannot stress enough that Upverter has not been abandoned and I am constantly communicating with the development team to help Upverter meet its potential and set its sights beyond. Updates and bugfixes are being mainstreamed at an aggressive pace.

Thank you for your interest in the education program. Please feel free to provide any feedback you have as you evaluate it. I am eager to expand and improve the course material.

If you really wanna gain back this huge loss of trust, a good first step would be an official public announcement beyond the forums, acknowledging you (the company) f* up big time on this issue by leaving your users alone in the rain for months and make a big statement that you want to make this right. So far it is only you here in the forums (which is magnitudes more than what we had almost a year ago, I really appreciate that). Only few of those who left check the forums and all they receive is f* partner advertising emails from upverter - well at least they made me have a glimpse on the forums.