Terrible Time With Pours

Old Project that I worked back in 2017, never had issues with Pours.
Stared working on this new interface and is frustrating as hell.
Did a very simple test, opened up old project, re-poured and infamous pop up came up
“Failed to Calculated Pour Shapes”.
Having Issues with Pours. Cannot seems to figure out what I am missing in this new interface / software outlook.
Truly miss the old upverter rev, any way to dial back and continue using the older software revs ?

Sometimes, pours can fail to calculate if there are conflicting priority indexes. For example, if you have two overlapping polygons that are both priority 0, you stand a good chance of having issues. Which makes sense, since you really want the outcome to be consistent. I haven’t heard of people having problems opening old designs like that, but it’s possible that the pour priority indexes are the cause.

I recommend going through your pours in the order you’d like them calculated, setting or resetsetting their priority index, and manually re-pouring them. That should take care of the problem.

I’m sorry to hear that you’re struggling with the current interface and I regret to tell you that there is no way to revert it to previous iterations. I personally didn’t find Upverter until last year so I’m not familiar with previous revisions, but I am acutely aware that interface changes can be a huge deterrent at first.

I would greatly appreciate a list of elements and features from the old interface that you find particularly lacking. I would be happy to pass it along to the dev team.