Tempo Automation Not Supported

Why does Upverter have a “Tempo Automation” download option, when it’s not a file format supported by Tempo Automation: https://secure.tempoautomation.com/home/capabilities

Further more I have asked Tempo Automation if they could use the exported file and they told me it is not supported.

That’s good to know because I did consider getting prototypes created by them.

It’s too bad too, since I can’t seem to convert my project into any other format properly, the project is stuck in upverter. It makes me want to go back to Eagle or KiCad.

Same here, I’m looking at Eagle CAD again just so I know my project is safe in the future. I came from KiCad and really like how much easier UpVerter is to use but I get the feeling that things may not be going so well at UpVerter due to the lack of activity and feedback from them.

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The silence in forms is concerning.

As far as possible manufacturer’s are concerned Tempo is very speedy with 3 day turnarounds but expect anywhere from $300-500 per device.

I’ve been looking at trying out PCB:NG who’s significantly cheaper with a 12 calendar turn around.

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Thanks for the recommendation for PCB:NG, I’ll check them out. Last year I used Golden Phoenix to do a batch of 150 small boards. If I recall they were about $7 per board, fully assembled (2" x 3" board with about 25 - 30 parts). However, this time I’d like to try someone domestic.

I’m a big fan of MacroFab.

It’s a bit of work to get it into the right format (I’ll be open-sourcing my converter once I verify it works on a couple more boards) but definitely doable, especially for smaller boards.

@seveibar, I just signed up fro a MacroFab account and I love their interface. I see what you’re saying about getting things in the right format. I’d love to see this converter you’re writing and even test it against my project, if you’d like.

@jgillick here’s the WIP repository, https://github.com/seveibar/upverter-to-macrofab

Let me know if you have any luck using it!

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@seveibar Very cool. I just ran it against my project, and it got me an XYRS file that worked (with a few tweaks)!

I noticed that the script seems to be adding an index to the end of all designator (0,1,2,3,4), so X2 was output as X212. Also, x-size and y-size is 100 for all components.

I think the script might be able to extract the footprint and component values from the upv file too. If I get some extra time, I’ll try to contribute to this script. Thanks so much!