Strange part search results

I tried searching the parts database for DT6250-06MR, a ESD protection diode array from Diodes Inc.

The search returned a number of results, two of which look like compatible devices from from a different vendor. OK, that makes sense (though pricing on the one I searched for looks better.)

But most of the returned results seem unrelated in function to the part number I entered. Capacitors, MCUs, etc. Why do these show up ?

Hi Burt,

Our upgraded search engine is designed to help you find parts, even if you aren’t sure of the exact part number. As always, the closest matches show up at the top. Later results will differ from your search query by increasingly large amounts.

Further, our search offers several layers of scoring above and beyond part number. Due to our extensive library of nearly 50,000 designs, we’re able to give heavier relevance weightings to more frequently used parts. We’ve also just begun to incorporate our Part Verification ratings into search results, so if there’s a fully verified symbol and footprint that’s a close match to your search query, you should see that near the top of the list.

We’re continually innovating on part discovery. We’d love to hear any feedback on the new search system, our relevance scores, or the new Faceted Search features!


Thanks Adam, that makes fine sense, and I think it will make more sense as more parts get into the library.