Strange bug found when editing auto-generated footprint pad width, x and y coordinates also change

When I open an auto-generated surface mount footprint, for example QFP or SOIC, and I select a single pad and open the property inspector, when I change the pad width and close the inspector, the editor automatically also adjusts either the x or y coordinate, depending on whether the pad is on the left/right (y value changes) or top/bottom (x value changes.) Are others seeing this bug? I think it has something to do with changing the pitch but it makes no sense because if you reduce the width of the pad the location of the pad doesn’t have to change to maintain pitch. Can Upverter help here? I have a 128-pin footprint where I need to edit the width of each pad and

a) There is no bulk modification capability for things like pin width, x, y coordinates etc.
b) The only workaround I have found doubles up work, where I have to first open the inspector to change the individual pad width, close the inspector, and then re-open the inspector to change the x or y coordinate to the correct value. On 128-pins this doubling up of work is a real PITA. Appreciate some help Upverter!

Hi Sam,
Yes the footprint generator can be trouble. I’m personally a fan of creating a copy of a part with a compatible footprint and changing the pin identifiers, which I know isn’t always the right thing to do. I’ll make a note of your issue for the developers.