Status of Upverter?

I’m considering using Upverter for some PCB prototype designs. I like the idea that it’s browser based so I can run it on my MacBook and has what seem to be some attractive selling points. However I’m seeing some significant red flags that are giving me pause. None major parts I would like to use are available on my PCB are available. These are modern parts that I would expect to see, but don’t. While I’ve found some documentation about importing parts from Octopart, it appears that such support has been removed leaving the only way to get a new part aside from building it yourself is to use the concierge. I have requested two parts from the parts concierge, but found some user complaints that concierge requests are not being fulfilled, seemingly ignored. I hope that’s not true and will see some response. I started creating my own but was met with some bugs and wonder why I should have to do this when a proper import process would be much more effective.

I’m also seeing a complete lack of any new activity in the last two years from neither users or Upverter. Google searches are returning only older posts or comments back from 2020 and before. It leads me to believe that Upverter is not being supported and hence users have moved to other tools.

I do like the prospect of Upverter, but I really can justify using it when it feels unsupported and perhaps has no future. I would appreciate any comments positive of negative on the topic.


Hi Craig,

I would recommend against using Upverter for any new designs. The tool is basically unsupported at the moment. There may be life in the distant future but right now it’s not a good option.



Hi Craig,

Try writing the CEO of Altium. Altium owns Upverter. The more people that write to him to higher chances of getting more support.

Aram Mirkazemi
CEO Altium / Upverter
4225 Executive Square, Level 7
La Jolla, CA
USA 92037