Solder bridge jumper (shunt)

I’m trying to find a solder bridge jumper. This part:

Does it exist, or do I need to get the concierge to create it? I found a previous post with no real answer.


Hi Bill,
I normally just use a 0 Ohm resistor that I can populate and depopulate in the BOM during manufacturing. If you make it an 0402 footprint, it’s relatively easy to remove the part, or bridge the pads as needed. That’s probably the gist of what you read in the other post.

That said, I tried out the process of manually creating my own solder bridge part in Upverter and ran into a problem when I tried using the closed bridge: It raises an ‘overconnected net’ constraint error. Upverter doesn’t exactly understand the concept of a “net alias” so if two different nets are connected by copper in the layout, it will warn you.

Thanks! I currently do have 0402’s in the design, but with good solder resist they are actually difficult to bridge (go figure). I want to be able to change easily for testing too, so I’m looking for the part I referred to in my post.

I’m OK with ignoring an error (this is a test board). Any other thoughts?