Separate nets randomly connecting to each other


I am working with 16 copies of a module in a parent schematic, and connected the output pins of each to a different flag (“IN-_1”, “IN-_2” etc.). After updating all the modules, many of these nets between the module pins and their individually named flags have associated with one another, and I’m getting “Net has multiple names” errors out the wazoo. Deleting and replacing all the wires doesn’t fix the problem, but deleting certain ones and leaving them deleted sometimes unpredictably does.

I can’t manually rename any of the nets by double clicking on them, either, as the field is always grayed out.

I’m quite baffled and starting to get frustrated, as I can’t move forward if the PCB editor wants me to connect all these parts of the circuit that need to be separate.

(Two other recent problems worth mentioning: when I updated all the modules, I couldn’t do it all at once. I could group select/double-click/“Update” groups of 8, or sometimes 4 or 2, but had to do many individually. Then after each update, the refdes was removed for each module, leaving them all with “??A” for names. I can’t figure out how to fix this either.)

The document is private but I can make it public if any of you need to see it.


Another (probably related) problem I’m having:

  • Each output pin of the modules is labelled “OUT”.
  • Each of these is connected to an output flag called “OUT_1” or “OUT_2” or etc.
  • All of these connecting nets are, for some reason, just labelled “Output” and are thus all connected together.

What’s going on here? It seems like the nets are being named after the type of flag, rather than the label given to the flags. In any case I can’t do anything with any of these connections. I don’t know how to proceed.


I’m having the same problem with a design right now.

@support do you have any insights on how to deal with this? All I can come up with is to manually cross-reference the schematic when routing traces, to make sure I connect the right module to the right other components. This is massively time consuming.

Thanks! :slight_smile:


it seems to do this but if you do your traces to were you know the connection needs to go it corrects its self
i think the nets are a best guess on upverters part