Searching for components - getting 100s of K of matches

Totally new to this but I looked through the videos and forum posts and I can’t find the answer, apologies in advance in case I missed it.

I’m trying out Upverter on a very simple board - connectors and some zero ohm jumpers. I’m baffled as to how to use the component search. For example I type in 10 pin female header and Upverter tells me 403584 results found. Adding more words like connector or .1" doesn’t really help - it makes it worse with even more matches. It’s like the search engine defaults to an OR of all words? Most of the results are totally irrelevant to what I’m looking for, and sometimes have to scroll through pages to find something close.

Some of the results include things label GENERIC CONNECTOR yet no connectors show on the Generics page. Also many of the connectors TYPE shows as integrated circuit.

While I could lookup some specific part numbers that seems hit or miss and also not very efficient for when I don’t yet need specific manufacturers part numbers.