Search for parts: and not or else
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But I really miss a search that is “and”.
Currently trying to find “80/40” and “1.25” and “edge” to find a non findable micro:bit edge connector. and others like solder pad and straight.

If I could find it, I could then make amongst other things, the edge copper of the micro:bit as a contribution and get a pcb made

tried some variations of description:(80 and 40)

type:connector gives results, including an element with jack in the description
type:connector description:jack gives no results

I created a microbit Goldfingers. Called microbit 1
Hope you can find it.
Perhaps you have to load my Design:,designId=6face250a0b91a11

Hey Everyone,

I just wanted to let you know that I have passed this thread to the team that works on search, keep the feedback coming.



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