Scientific notation in BOM export


I tried exporting a BOM from a test project. Some generic parts with fairly standard sizes are unexpectedly listed in scientific notation instead of normal nF, pF, k, etc.

For instance, I see a 470nF generic cap coming out as ‘4.7e-07F,’ a 100nF coming out as ‘1e-07F’, a 220nF coming out as ‘2.2e-07F’, a 1uF coming out as ‘1e-06F’, and a 100k generic resistor as ‘100000’. However, and interestingly, a 10uF generic capacitor is show correctly as 10uF, and some low value resistors are shown correctly as 10R and 0.01R.

For good measure, the six (identical) generic 100k resistors are mysteriously shown as two groups of three, perhaps because three of them have TRUE in the otherwise empty column ‘Is Generic’. (Actually, they’re all generics!)

I’ve attached the generated BOM CSV file to this post. There’s nothing here I don’t mind sharing publicly; I’m just road-testing Upverter out by creating a simple board. The project concerned is 2f0f1de6f7198bbe, with only a handful of parts in total.

I wonder if the massive JSON entry in the ‘Footprint Parameters 0’ is meant be present for the chip I’ve created a part for? Seems strange in what’s meant to be a CSV and human-readable BOM?

PS Another trivial bug: I notice that the generics have incorrect units capitalisation in their default values. The generic resistor should default to 5k not 5K (which would be rather cold), and the generic capacitor’s voltage rating should be 5V not 5v.

Motor-Driver.csv (8.2 KB)


We’ll investigate this issue.
Thank you