Schematic disappear


Half of my components in my schematic has disappear?!?! What can i do?


Can you post a short video of the problem? I cannot repriduce this but it may just be a redraw issue with the browser. Can you try closing and re-opening the tab?


Hi Ben,

Sorry for the late answer.

Unfortunately I can’t reproduce the issue again, but I can describe what happened in more detail.

I had worked both in the schematic editor and the PCB editor during the day. I use Mac and often just close the lid when I’m done, it has not been a problem before to just close the lid. What I noticed was that the preview in the dashboard did not update accordingly but I thought it just didn’t update that often. Another thing I remember was that “last saved” in the upper right corner said “22 minutes ago” one time. I didn’t think more about that until I got to work, the day after, and opened the schematic in Firefox on another computer and saw that half of my schematic was missing. When I got home and checked my Safari session on my Mac it was still all there so I refreshed the schematic editor and boom half my schematic was gone again.

I guess the web socket connection to the server went down along the way and the client could not push / save the changes but I did not get any notice about that. It’s just what I think happened.

From now on I keep an eye on the “last saved” notice and make sure it say “0 minutes ago” before a close the lid or leave the page.

Best Regards

Peter, Sweden


hi @Zebiolo,

I cannot be sure but it sounds like some of your work never made it to our server (“last saved 22 min ago”), This can happen if you lose internet connection. We have it designed to sync when it re-connects as long as the tab is not closed. But is sounds like that did not happen in this case. Sorry about that.

if you send me the link to the design (or design id) and about when this happened I will take a look at the design server logs to see if there was an error on the server side, or if the browser tool reported an error. If i find anything I will file a bug for the engineering team so they can make sure this does not happen in the future…



Hi Michael,

Here is the design id 226974cb82ada561. It’s a private repo. I’m pretty sure I did something wrong. Now I got a chance to redo it correctly :).



Thanks Peter,

I will take a quick look at the logs just in case (the logs do not show what is in the design, but will log out errors if something happens).