Schematic Capture Issues

I am having issues with what SHOULD be a relatively easy process.

I’m familiar with Altium (I use it at work) and have about 15 years experience with that platform. I’m trying to work on a hobby project, and figured I’d try Upverter.

Unfortunately I’m finding nearly impossible to draw wire connections between components. When I click on the part pin to draw a line, it highlights the ENTIRE component, and won’t draw anything. This happens 50-60% of the time, leaving me with an uncompleted schematic.

I figured I’d start with a tutorial video to see if I’m missing something simple. Sadly, this link: returns an internal server error.

Any suggestions?

Are you using the net tool? (equiv to wire tool in AD)? Keyboard shortcut = n.


You should get a circle around the node your net will connect to when your cursor is close enough.

There is a course at that has chapters that introduce upverter’s UI and features.