Rotating/flipping parts not working well

I just started using Upverter and I’m building my first simple design to test it. I keep running into problems trying to rotate parts. When I’m placing a new part, I can rotate it and the whole symbol turns, but it seems impossible after that? Also, flipping doesn’t seem to work the way I would expect it to, i.e. mirroring the symbol. The flip seems just equivalent to pressing rotate twice?

E.g., I place down an audio jack (such as SJ1-3533NG) and I want to and rotate it to have the pins on the left since it’s an output jack, and flip it vertically to keep the same up-down order of pins as in the input jacks (GND at the bottom). But when I press rotate or flip, the part symbol does not rotate or flip at all; only the direction of the wires leaving the pins turn, which just messes up any wires it might already be connected to.

Flip (f key) will maintain verticality (top/bottom orientation) of the pins, i.e., it will swap left/right and keep GND on bottom and VCC on top. This is on the schematic which I’m assuming you’re talking about.

Unfortunately, if you already have pins connected to nets then it might cause chaos with the collinear net heuristics (the programming side that tries to simplify how nets route around), i.e., the nets will start getting messed up and go all different directions. I simply wait on connecting nets until I’ve rotated and flipped the part to get the correct layout I’m looking for.

Now if you press “r” or “f” and nothing happens then I’m not sure what’s going on there - maybe a bug. Seems odd though - I’ve not had that problem before I don’t think. Maybe the part won’t rotate or flip if it has nets connected already? Try disconnecting all the nets and try again is my only suggestion.

Hope that’s what you were looking for and that this helps.