[resolved] Can't generate Gerber Files

Constant spinning wheel when I try to generate gerbers on my “Blade EMI Retrofit” board.

Can’t generate the “Dimension Drawing” either, constant spinning wheel.
Don’t think I want to use this thing if I can’t get files out of it.
I am glad I didnt finish my whole design before running into this.

I also get this today… it worked yesterday… and this is a great tool when it works.

Back to using free DesignSparkPCB…
though its a little overkill for simple boards, it does everything I need and works.
It may not be as pretty and easy to use, but my files are on my machine and it generates gerber’s reliably.

Hey guys, sorry, we had a sudden spike in the number of people who wanted to download gerber files and the machines are swamped generating everything. We’re working on adding some new machines to speed up the exports now.

An update on this. The spike was caused by an automated process in part of a caching layer. We’ve spun up more machines dedicated to export processing and are making changes to ensure the caching layer doesn’t queue up in front of end user requests.

I have the same problem right now.
It was working yesterday (although I modified the PCB since then).

Is there a spike on export servers or something wrong with my PCB?

  • Marco

Hi Marco,

You should be able to download your files now. Today we had unusually large set of exports made and that caused a back log. We have cleared it now and gerber export should work. Sorry for the inconvenience. We are also looking at changing the prioritization of exports and giving better feedback about status of exports to users.