Requesting component verification doesn't work


Ordering a component does not currently work for me (designId=d422438ecd3d10d6).

I click “Request Symbol and Footprint” -> “Place Your Order”. I see “Successfully queued component for Concierge review” but nothing happens. In the debug logger I see:

[ -433.590s] [up.remote.Rpc] UserMemberships received 502 error
[ -433.590s] [up.remote.Rpc] API call for UserMemberships encountered 502 retrying request




Hi embellydom,
I think that the issue you ran into was from an unrelated issues that caused elevated API errors for a short period of time. I think that the issue has been addressed.
I’m glad that things are working for you now.
If you run into any other errors please feel free to also reach out to us at
This address is often triaged faster that problems posted to the forum.



Will do, thanks!