Reporting part errors uses your concierge credits?


Yesterday I was was looking for a few parts and found that the verified parts were not up to standard, as they didn’t follow the manufacturers recommendation (e.g. part 7447462470 through holes were only 0.8mm, even though the manufacturer recommends 1mm, the plating was tiny etc.)
I therefore reported the parts as errors, and updated them to my liking.

I reported 2 parts, and just noticed that 2 of my concierge credits have disappeared. Since I’m reporting errors, and there were no prompts saying this eats into the concierge credits, I did not expect this.

tl;dr repotring parts eats away concierge credits, is this supposed to happen?


Hi @svititom

reporting an error on a verified part should not cause a use of a use of a credit, I will look into what is happening there.

For this particular part, what I think has happened is that the part you are looking at were imported, and should have been marked as something different then verified. We are working on a system where there are 3 levels of parts: community, partner and verified. It looks like our first batch of “partner” parts has been labeled as verified. it is not fully baked yet, but hopefully we can get this fix shortly for you.