Reporting a bug in a part uses a concierge request?


There was a bit of sloppy silkscreen drawing and some description and unit typos on a verified part I used on a board, so I forked it, fixed the problems and reported it. Hopefully I did this right, but it appears to have used a concierge credit. I’m happy to report bugs in the library, but not so much that I’ll pay for the privilege! A bug or have I reported it wrong?


Hi arachsys,
we’ll investigate this issue, your part credit will be returned.


I’ve added more concierge requests to your account.

Flagging components should not count against your concierge credit.

Just to be sure, the part you flagged was Just want to be sure we’re looking at the right places when investigating this bug.


Hi Stephen, yes, that’s the one.

When there’s an error in a part, the first thing I think to do is to edit it, make the correct fix for my own design.

Having done that, I can report a problem… but logically, I’m trying to report a bug in the original part (which I can no longer see/get at - or is there a way to do that?) to claim my fixed version is the correction rather than report a problem in my (now unverified) customised part.

That might be why it charged me, because it looked like I was requesting a correction in my own part rather than the library one?