Remove tutorial board


Is there any way to remove the tutorial board from the dashboard?

Is there any way to structure projects into folders or something in the dashboard?


I suspect there is not a way to remove the tutorial board. There are ways to remove a project and to rename a project where one is the owner or has editorial privileges. The tutorial board is ‘owned’ by upverter, so I think only upverter personnel can remove it. I looked at the tutorial, as I would for a project I have access to, and looked in the area where one normally would have a link to click in order to delete the project, and the tutorial board has a different setup. There is no ‘delete’ button or link as there is on projects that I can access (am an owner or an editor).

Now I might be wrong, perhaps someone in upverter land knows more than I do about this. But those are my suspicions - it cannot be removed by you.