Remove annotation

I created a part this morning. There were no axial electrolytic capacitors in upverter for 330uF to 510uF and 50-63V (and thereabouts), so I created one.

I am new at this. For text, I typed in {{_voltage}}, as a message from upverter said, and it disappeared when I hit enter. So I tried it a couple different ways and those two also disappeared. Now when I do a SAVE I get three messages that say: “Attribute “_voltage” referenced in an annotation, but not defined on the component.”

I would like to fix or delete these, but I cannot see them and I don’t know where to go. When I create this part on my schematic, the part shows three “??” symbols, so I assume this is where the annotation is, but in the parts editor, nothing shows up.

Found a fix. There is a hidden annotation somewhere in the drawing, so one has to find it, then delete it.

How to find it: use the mouse to draw boxes on the symbol screen. If a gray-blue rounded rectangle shows up somewhere, this is the annotation. It is selected by having the box around it, so now just go to the trash symbol and click on it. This should delete it.

I placed the component on my schematic. A pair of question marks showed up - this was the annotation, and they showed where it it located relative to the symbol. This helped me in trying to find it.