Recommend method of Lead Frame Chip Scale Package (LFCSP) footprint creation?

I have a part that uses a 16-Lead Lead Frame Chip Scale Package (LFCSP) footprint, the AD8426. What is the recommended method of generating its footprint? I don’t see LFCSP listed in the footprint generator, and it is unclear to me how to assign pins to manually created pads using the rectangle creation tool.

Never-mind, somehow I originally overlooked the padstack button on the left-hand side controls.

Hi Dustin,

I would suggest that you find the closest resembling footprint (in this case, QFN) and enter the component’s outline dimensions information. This will create a very similar footprint to what AD8426 looks like. OR, you can use the tools available on the left-hand toolbar to create a custom outline shape and then use the “Add padstack” option to place the pads.

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Regarding assigning pins to manually created pads, yes, click on “Add padstack” button on the left-side toolbar and select from the “Pin Association” dropdown to assign pins. Here you can also enter information pertaining to pad dimensions which will create custom pads for you. Hope this helps. Feel free to use the live chat or email us at if you need any information/help.