Problem with Issues feature

I am having issues with the ISSUES feature. I have added a few issues and comments to a design. Now everytime I try to open certain entries in the Issues folder, the design does a refresh and kicks me out of ISSUES folder. I can’t access it to read it, edit it or delete it. Glitchy

I have the same issue in another design. It seems that every 3 or 4 comments I get a corrupt one. Is any one else using this feature and having issues. It is too glitchy to rely on and use as a collaboration tool. Back to sending emails. Hopefully there is a fix.

I will draw the dev team’s attention to the ‘Issues’ issue in case they haven’t gotten to work on it. In the meantime, may I suggest you track progress between team members using annotations on the schematic and maybe the ‘Notes’ layer in layout? It’s not as useful as an issue tracker, but it can at least allow you to sync up with your teammates. I will try to notify you in this thread when I hear back about a resolution.