Problem: Schematic # different from PCB #

Has anyone else seen this, and if so, how did you fix it?

I am using a Quad Op-Amp IC. On my schematic the four op-amps are labeled U603A, U603B, U603C, and U603D. So the IC label is U603. The individual op-amps are A, B, C, and D.

I then click on and highlight one (or all) of these op-amps in my schematic. This will cause the Quad IC to be highlighted in the PCB and place it in the middle of my screen. I then go to the PCB and look, and the number for the IC on the PCB is U892. It does not match my schematic.

Will upverter eventually figure this out and update the U892 to U603 on the PCB? Or should I manually modify the U603A (B, C, and D) op-amps in my schematic to U892A (B, C, and D)? Or do I need to run some kind of a refresh on the design? Or what?

Anyone have some insights on this.
(We have the above situation for about 5-6 quad ICs in our design.)

I might add … I did searches but could NOT find an entry of someone else asking about this problem. So, I am posting a new post.

The first thing you can try is using the property inspector in schematic to manually enter ‘U603’, and then checking it in property inspector in layout. Also, running ‘Renumber refdes’ from the scripts section on the right-hand side should force the schematic and layout designators to align.