Placing Module Crashes My Project


It seems that when I try and place a module that I’ve created into my project it continuously crashes. Further debugging seems to indicate that it occurs mainly when there are more than the general 2 layers. Any way around this or any timeline on when this will be fixed?


can you send me a link (I need the ID that is in the link, it is find if it is private) to the module and the design, I will push it up the engineering queue


Here is the ID to the schematic: 1cd9028fff5f3fe0
Here is the ID to the module: f298fe661a1e37d5

I removed the signal 1 and signal 2 traces from the module so it could be placed in my schematic. If those traces are added back in and I try and place it in my schematic, it will crash.


Thanks, I will have someone take a look at it and get back to you.