Parts won't wire


When I click on a component to start wiring (sch capture), sometimes it doesn’t begin wiring. It acts like I’m trying to select the part instead of wiring. I can fiddle with them sometimes but it’s annoying. It seems to not like parts getting too close together.


I’m still getting used to this mouse use in upverter myself. I can tell you this - I have pretty much decided to use the wiring tool since I end up a lot faster.

If you click the end point of the pin it should work the same, but for my old oversized fingers, I’ve just found it easier to place the parts where I want them first, then wire up while in wiring mode - that way I never accidentally move a component.

As to improving the accuracy of the auto-wiring, rest assured developers read the forums and see this good feedback.


Hi @jdjohnsno,

I just gave it a try, and it does seem to need too much precision on the end of the pin to get a net started. hopefully we can that fixed at some point.

I user keyboard shortcuts a lot when doing nets, there are a couple combination that I use a lot. The first is “n” to enter net mode, then esc to go back to select mode. The other that I use a lot is the space bar, that when in the net mode quick switches to pan when pressed down. The space bar trick works in most modes … I use it a lot!

There are more shortcut keys as well, they are listed in the tool if you hover over a button, or in the top right of the tool when you press the ‘?’ button.

Hope this helps!