Parts and Foot prints

Are you guys going to update anything with Parts and foot prints? I have several parts the require DFN 8 and many others where there just is not enough pins listed.

More details required:

  • What parts don’t have enough pins listed?
  • is it possible that multiple footprint pins are being assigned the same pin in the symbol?
  • Are you trying to create a new symbol and footprint?
  • What steps can I take to reproduce this?

If you are using the part creator, you should be able to manually add pins to the symbol, either by adding them in the pinout table or using the pin tool in the workspace.

sis332dn.pdf (

using the above mosfet. I can not find a footprint that works right maybe its just me. I will leave it up to you. Let me know also I cant get the Footprint to connect to the pins in some others.

Here is a similar part:
Alpha & Omega Semiconductor AON6512

As you can see this is also a DFN-8 part. Common to many mosfets, the 4 DRAIN pins share a common pad, and the 3 SOURCE pins appear as a single node in the symbol. This is a common package and standard symbol for mosfets from most vendors.
I recommend using a comparable part already existing in the Upverter library. If you are looking to use this specific part, it will be a drop-in replacement for any N-channel mosfet with a PowerPak 1212 footprint.

Alternately, you can request a part through

I will happily try this thank you