Part with keepout not working

I have a simple part: 6fbe699ec2d84ad2

The part is a non-plated 5 mm hole with a copper circle 9mm in diameter. Then I want a space between the copper and any pours, so I added a circle to the keepout layer with diameter of 11.5mm. All circles are concentric. Thus, when placed on a PCB, there should be a hole, then some copper, then a space, then any pours.

When I place the part, the keepout layer seems to be ignored and pours go right up to the copper circle. Strangely, as a test, if I remove the copper circle, then the keepout works.

Is this a bug or am I doing it wrong?

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Hi, Fen.
Unfortunately we cannot reproduce the problem. It seems there is a problem with a part. Could you please provide us the detailed steps to reproduce the issue?

Here is a test board: 2d408a8269a3efe8

It has part: 6d7d59a4518c38d2

The part is a series of concentric circles. The innermost circle is a hole. Then a little bigger is a copper ring. Then bigger still is a keepout.

On the test board, going from the center out, I expect to see a hole. Then a ring of copper. Then an empty ring with no copper pour where the keepout is. Then the pour. I have a trace that should go from the pour into the part and connect with the ring of copper.

What I see is a pour going all the way to the hole. The ring of no copper that should have been created by the keepout is missing.

I’ve done this before. Several months ago it worked just as I expected. Now it does not.

I just ran into this bug. Thanks for posting this and your observation that the keepout works as expected when you remove the copper circle. Your observation led me to test some things and I found a workaround: if you move the keepout circle slightly away from the copper circle (0.01mm is fine), it will work. I had a copper circle and keepout circle with exactly the same coordinates (X 0, Y 0) and diameter; changing the keepout circle to X 0.01mm, Y 0 was sufficient.

Also, the global keepout layer doesn’t seem to work. It only worked after I changed the keepout circle from that layer to the bottom keepout layer (my pour is on the bottom layer). (I assume it’ll work with the top keepout layer as well but I didn’t test that.)