Padstack editor in newly realeased upverter not working


Hi Upverter,

The newly released Upverter is missing menus in manual padstack create, thus rendering the tool incapable of manually producing a padstack. This is extremely inconvenient. The previous edition this worked absolutely fine.

Parts of the menu are missing.
You can see here shape data pin association is totally missing.

So why were these menu options removed? Making it difficult (impossible) to create a manual padstack.
Thank you


I think that the problem that you’re seeing is that a copper shape needs to be set before you can associate the padstack with a pin.

Once you’ve set a copper shape the “pin association” menu becomes enabled.

We’ll work on improving the workflow in this dialog. Things like defaulting the layer-shape selection to copper and providing better tool tips on things that are disabled.

Does the padstack creation work for you once a copper layer is defined?